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Welcome To Diver's Paradise Service Department.

At Diver's Paradise We Have Been Servicing And Repairing Scuba Equipment For Over 40 Years. Our Technicians Are Certified By The Scuba Manufacturers To Service All Brands Of Scuba Gear Offered From The 1950's Til Today. They Are Constantly Taking New Classes To Keep Up With New Techniques And Investing In New Tools To Keep Your Gear Up To Factory Specifications And Beyond.

When You Bring In Your Life Support System( Regulator System With Octopus and Gauges) Your System Is Checked For Breathing Functions And Measured On Our State Of The Art Flow Bench. Then The System Hoses Are Check For Cracks, Etc. The System Is Disassembled, All Seats, Orings, Diaphragms, Etc are Replaced. Then Put In A Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner In A Biodegradable Cleaning Solution And Cleaned. The System Is Then Aired Dried With Compressed Breathing Air And Reassembled With Manufacturers Repair Kits, Orings, Seats, Etc. Then The System Is Attached To The Flow Bench(see Photo) Tested And Adjusted To Factory Recommended Specifications. The System Is Put Through 30 Breathing Cycles and Breathing Functions Measure Again And Recorded. Then The Technicians Breath The System Themselves To Assure That They Would Personally Dive With It.

At Diver's Paradise We Bring Over 80 Years Of Scuba Repair experience To You And The Only Test Chamber For Depth Gauges And Dive Computers In Northwest Ohio. Our Parts Department Has The Largest In Stock Parts For Repair, Which Means You Will Never Have To Wait For It To Go Back To The Factory For Repair. Stop In And Talk To Our Technicians And Ask About Modifying That Piece Of Gear To Fit Your Needs or Have Your Yearly Service Done On Your Life Support System, Tanks, BCD's, Dive Computer Battery Changes Etc.


Hydro Tank Testing For All Scuba,Paintball And Gas Cylinders(Tanks)

Yearly V.I.P. For All Scuba, Paintball And Gas Cylinders(Tanks)

Eddy Testing Aluminum Cylinders(Tanks)

Steel Tank Tumbling

Valve Service

Tank Protectors

Complete Service Of All Manufacturers Of Scuba Regulators And Octopus

Regulator Hose Replacement With New Flex Hoses

B.C.D. Cleaning And O.P. Valve Service Of The B.C.D.

Power Inflator Service

Dive Computer Service

Dive Computer Battery Replacement

Wetsuits Repairs: Holes And Rips Fixed

Drysuit Repairs: Including Valve Replacement And Seal(s) Replacement

Custom B.C.D.'S Made To Order Through Zeagle.

Custom Tech Equipment

Alterations Of Your Scuba Gear to Fit You

Custom Dive Reels With Para-cord Line.

Custom Camera's And Housing And Lighting System Design For You

Mid-Year Regulator Check-Ups And Diagnostics

Dive Reel Repairs And Line Replacement

Double Hose Regulator Service For All Regulators Made From 1950 To The Present.

Vintage Dive Gear Repair And Service

Custom Weight Configurations For Your B.C.D.

Dive Light(S) Service

Speargun(S) Service

Custom Back-Up Air Systems For Divers

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